How Virtual Counseling Can Help You to Find Comfort and Care

Posted on June 23, 2022 by Adam Frei, MS, LPC, CEAP

Updated April 17, 2023

Having to wait for an appointment to see a counselor in-person can be frustrating, time consuming and inconvenient, leading to delays in care and some people giving up on counseling entirely.

Virtual counseling provides access to the same licensed counseling resource that previously only occurred in a counselor’s office, while saving you time and increasing convenience. It has quickly become an integral part of the mental health delivery system.

5 Reasons to Try Virtual Counseling

  1. It’s convenient. Cut out commuting time, waiting rooms and parking stress by taking your appointment online!
  2. Be comfortable. Work with your counselor in a space of your choosing that is comfortable. Don't be afraid to cozy up on your couch for your session! Once connected with a counselor, you can also communicate with them via chat!
  3. Increased access. Live in a rural area or don’t have reliable transportation? Virtual counseling could improve your ability to access support.
  4. Get a quicker appointment. During the height of the pandemic, we experienced an increase in our typical wait times. More people seeking counseling and counseling offices being closed to in-person appointments led to longer wait times. Some counselors have permanently changed to virtual-only appointments, which has impacted wait times ongoing. To address your needs, we greatly improved wait times to first appointments by adding virtual counseling options.
  5. Counselors are always licensed. Many of our counselors offer both virtual and in-person options. If you find virtual counseling doesn’t work for you, you can switch to in-person with your current counselor or we can connect you with another counselor in your area.
Whether you need help with life’s struggles, are looking for help with your goals or exploring new opportunities, virtual counseling can support you wherever you are. For most people and in most situations, virtual counseling has the same benefits as in-person sessions and might even be more convenient.

We Can Help

Are you ready to try virtual counseling? VITAL WorkLife is here to support you with convenient options through your dedicated solutions. We also have an article about what to expect from telehealth counseling.

If you’ve tried virtual counseling and if wasn’t for you. Let us know. We’ll connect you with an in-person resource.

For counseling, coaching and other resources contact us:

For EAP Clients: 800.383.1908 or through your VITAL WorkLife App;

For Physician Resources clients: 877.731.3949 or through your VITAL WorkLife App;

or contact us online. 

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