Mindfulness Monday: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Posted on September 23, 2019 by Amy Tiffany

Woman meditating in office looking out window

In part 3 of our “Mindfulness Monday” video series, Dr. Yael Rubin, PhD, LP, and VITAL WorkLife consultant, shares how mindfulness and meditation can be helpful in the workplace.

We are externally driven for most of the day, so bringing mindfulness into the workplace can help us be present, aware and calm throughout the day, Dr. Rubin shares in the video.

She goes on to share the experience of a company she worked with who started a weekly mindfulness session in their conference room, which also included yoga, and were happy with the outcomes.

By practicing mindfulness in the workplace, we become more focused, present and can get into the relaxation response. After the mindfulness practice, the employer said people seemed more relaxed, less reactive and were able to enjoy themselves more.

Dr. Rubin has made mindfulness a regular part of her workday, too.


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