Benefits of Mindfulness

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Amy Tiffany

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness, which have been gaining in popularity, are vast and can help you in many different areas of life.

In part 2 of our “Mindfulness Monday” video series, Dr. Yael Rubin touches on the benefits of mindfulness, and how practicing meditation and mindfulness can take you from the stress response to the relaxation response—by simply using your breath.

Watch part 1 of our "Mindfulness Monday" video series available here

Sometimes we might be so tense and wound up that our bodies are in “fight or flight” mode—a state of emergency—for much of the day. When we’re able to take some time to breath and think of something peaceful and calm, we’re able to move from the stress response to the relaxation response, which is so important for balance and well being within our body.

One of the benefits of a mindfulness practice is you can find what works best for you. In this video, Dr. Rubin shares three elements that are important to bring into your mindfulness practice:

1. Be aware

Be aware of what’s going on, both internally and externally. By being aware, throughout the day, we can more easily enjoy things.

2. Observe

When we observe we’re able to think more clearly because we’re not reacting to the situation in front of us. This is important to practice at work because observing allows us to be thoughtful and understanding in our response.

3. Be proactive

When we are proactive, we aren’t being judgmental. When we are less reactive, it allows us to be more calm, focused and attentive to what we do and say. This is also important to practice at work and will help ourselves, other employees and employers.


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We Can Help

VITAL WorkLife counselors are available to assist you in finding efficient ways to build mindfulness into your daily life. We can direct you to online resources, classes available in your own community and can also offer simple strategies and techniques to have a more mindful approach to your work and personal life. Additionally, download our article Mindfulness in Medicine: How Mindfulness Can Help Support Physician Well Being. To learn more, give VITAL WorkLife a call at 800.383.1908 or contact us online.

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