10 Ways Your EAP Can Support You as a Parent

Posted on July 12, 2018 by Sarah Prom, MA, LPC, ODCP

Updated June 18, 2020


Parenting-ChallengesAre you having challenges with parenting? Do you struggle with setting boundaries for your children? Do you have doubts about your abilities to raise a successful child? Here are 10 ways your VITAL WorkLife EAP (Employee Assistance Program) can support you as a parent.

10 Ways Your VITAL WorkLife EAP Can Support You as a Parent:

  1. You just had another argument with your 14-year-old son about doing his chores this summer and managing responsibilities. During the school year you have a similar argument about homework and practicing his instrument. He doesn’t listen to you and refuses to cooperate. Take a deep breath, go into a quiet room and call 800.383.1908 for in the moment support and discuss how to approach the situation differently in the future, for a more positive outcome.
  2. Your daughter started high school last year and got into the wrong crowd. You notice the smell of cigarettes on her clothes. You’re worried about her future and the path she is heading down. Call VITAL WorkLife to get advice about how to approach the difficult situation before heading back to school this fall.
  3. You’re a new mom and you’re struggling with postpartum depression. You’re not alone. In fact, the Center for Disease and Control states one in every nine women experiences symptoms of postpartum depressions. Use your EAP for phone counseling or in-person counseling to help treat your depression.
  4. You’ve heard your child mention multiple times he is bullied on the playground. Using your EAP benefit for some individual sessions for your child and some family sessions together can help everyone learn the tools to support the child and decrease the effects of the bullying behavior.
  5. Your daughter would rather watch TV and eat junk food than go to soccer practice. You’ve noticed an unhealthy weight gain. Visit your Member Site to access healthy eating and well being articles and resources. Ask your supervisor for your log-in information if you don’t already have it.
  6. You have three children all in activities and the cost of those is becoming a burden. Use your EAP to talk with a financial counselor about budgeting and spending habits.
  7. Use your EAP to set up face-to-face marital counseling to discuss how you and your partner can parent better together.
  8. The house is unorganized and chaotic, and it feels like your kids are always screaming and running around. It’s causing you and your partner major stress and anxiety. Use your EAP to talk with a counselor who can recommend relaxation techniques, such as meditation or mindfulness – you could even learn to do them together as a family!.
  9. You are interested in learning about how to set up a college savings account for your children. Call your EAP to set up financial planning sessions. 
  10. Family planning: You’re ready to expand your family with a second child, and you want to explore your options, including adoption. Call to set up a meeting with a family counselor.

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Your VITAL WorkLife EAP supports individuals and families with whatever comes their way. If you or a family member is struggling, contact us either through your VITAL WorkLife App or by calling 800.383.1908 and speak with a counselor today! 

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