HRSA to Grant $103 Million for Evidence-Based Programs to Support Healthcare Resiliency & Reduce Burnout

Posted on August 26, 2021 by Leonard Pesheck, MBA

Gov Building w Money_smallIn recent news, the U.S Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced the availability of $103 million for programs to strengthen resilience and reduce burnout in the U.S. healthcare workforce.

The well being of physicians and all healthcare providers has been a long-standing issue and priority for the workers themselves, their organizations and communities. The COVID-19 crisis has brought these issues further into the spotlight, but with tight budgets, additional non-medical resources are often not funded by organizations, who have experienced immense financial pressures from the pandemic. There are many organizations who have either no program or so few resources assigned they cannot realistically make a difference. The HRSA grants aim to change that and will allow recipients to use external resources with evidence-informed programs, such as VITAL WorkLife and our Proven Process, to help the programs succeed.

According to HRSA there are three funding opportunities now accepting applications. They are:

  1. Promoting Resilience and Mental Health Among Health Professional Workforce: Approximately 10 awards will be made totaling approximately $29 million over three years to healthcare organizations to support members of their workforce. This includes establishing, enhancing, or expanding evidence-informed programs or protocols to adopt, promote and implement an organizational culture of wellness that includes resilience and mental health among their employees.
  2. Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Training Program: Approximately 30 awards will be made totaling approximately $68 million over 3 years for educational institutions and other appropriate state, local, tribal, public or private nonprofit entities training those early in their health careers. This includes providing evidence-informed planning, development and training in health profession activities in order to reduce burnout, suicide and promote resiliency.
  3. Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Technical Assistance Center: One award will be made for approximately $6 million over three years to provide tailored training and technical assistance to HRSA's workforce resiliency programs.

Today, VITAL WorkLife is the national leader in providing evidence-based behavioral health solutions and resources that reduce burnout, suicide and promote resiliency in the healthcare providers. Our solutions can help you get your well being program up and running more quickly and effectively than doing everything in-house. We encourage you to apply to receive one of these HRSA awards and consider using our solutions to supplement your needs. Applications are due September 20, 2021.

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