How to Use Your EAP: Member Site and Financial & Legal Resources

Posted on July 15, 2021 by Adam Frei, MS, LPC, CEAP

Updated April 17, 2023

Member Website

As a member of our EAP solution, have you visited your one-stop-shop for all things related to your well being—your VITAL WorkLife Member Site? You can access helpful resources for a variety of topics and for all areas of your well being.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see blue buttons (My Benefits, Phone Consultation, etc.) at the top of the page that provides an overview of the resources available to you and your family members, and the best ways to access them.

As you move down the page, you’ll see tabs that identify different topical areas with drop-down menus of related topics. Each topic area comes with articles, online seminars, audio recordings and resource guides that allow you to discover and learn more about the different aspects of well being that are of interest to you.

Member Website Centers

Further down the page on the right hand side, you'll see different Centers that offer you access to specific support for the daily concerns that can arise in life. 

Savings Center

The Saving Center is a discount shopping program available through Perks at Work. Perks at Work partners with many of the online retailers that you already shop with to find discounts and earn points towards future purchases. The Savings Center is a great place to start to make sure that you’re getting the best deals on the shopping you’re already doing!

Relocation Center

If you or a loved one are planning your next big move, start by reviewing the resources in the Relocation Center. The Relocation Center offers helpful resources whether you’re planning to rent or buy including how to choose a moving company, how to avoid rental scams, choosing the best neighborhood, mortgage information and much more. To access the Relocation Center or any of the other centers available through your VITAL WorkLife benefit select “View all Centers” on the home page.

Financial and Legal Center

Through the Financial and Legal Center, you can download Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2021 and create your estate plan, whether you're just getting started or you want to update your previous arrangements. The file includes a customized estate plan, including a will, revocable living trust (individual and shared), health care directive, durable power of attorney for finances, and 20+ other essential documents.

Financial and Legal ResourcesFinancial Planning Image

VITAL WorkLife offers a variety of financial and legal resources for you and your family members. You have unlimited access to a wealth of financial and legal resources on your Member Site, including tip sheets, calculators, handbooks, online seminars, worksheets, checklists, legal forms and more. In addition to your online resources, you also have access to:

Access a Free Consultation with an Attorney or Financial Consultant

Legal: When you contact us at 800.383.1908 for a legal question, you will be connected to our Legal Resource Network who will provide a free 30-minute consultation (generally within one business day). They will address your legal concern and can also connect you with a local lawyer in the network at a discounted rate (25% in most instances) if requested.

Financial: We can connect you with a financial consultant as often as you need for your financial questions and concerns, debt management, etc. If additional preparation or more specialized support is needed, a financial consultant can refer you to a more appropriate resource.

Identity Theft Prevention and Support: A comprehensive identity theft packet is available on request. The packet includes information on preventing identity theft as well as a brochure from the Federal Trade Commission, Taking Charge: What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen.

Online Resources

Financial Resource Highlights:

  • The comprehensive Financial Basics Handbook includes chapters on money management, debt, credit reports/scores, home ownership, investing and planning for retirement.
  • 245 articles on various financial topics.
  • Financial calculators for situations such as financing a home or car, investing, leasing a car, retirement matters, should I rent or own (or refinance) and so on.
  • Search for a Financial Planner.
  • Online seminars on topics such as Estate Planning, Effective Budgeting, Retirement and more.
  • Connect to resources for purposes like requesting a free credit report, applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or WIC, National Energy Assistance referral or FAFSA.

Legal Resource Highlights:

  • 100 legal forms for various purposes, such as setting up a Power of Attorney, promissory notes and other agreements.
  • Hundreds of articles (e.g., Hiring an Attorney, Avoiding Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Adoption and more).

We Can Help

MEMBERS: Your VITAL WorkLife Member Site is the perfect place to start on your journey towards improving your well being. We encourage you to log in and spend some time reviewing the wealth of information available to you! To access your additional EAP Resources, contact us 800.383.1908, through the VITAL WorkLife App or send us a message

Interested in learning more about our full service EAP? Contact us HERE to set up a discovery call today. 

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