Infographic: Are You Draining or Recharging Your Physicians?

Posted on August 20, 2018 by Liz Ferron, MSW, LICSW

Vital WorkLife Infographic: Are You Draining or Recharging Your Physicians?Resiliency is typically a sought after attribute within the healthcare field. But when stripped down to the core, it's apparent physicians are growing increasingly frustrated with the phrasing behind the term.

Physicians believe they currently sit at the pinnacle of resilience, navigating through a sea of occupational issues such as time constraints, EMRs, productivity requirements and other various performance measurements set before them.

If this is the case, how are organizations best able to mitigate the amount of burnout and fatigue experienced by physicians?


The Battery

Organizations and physicians alike attain the ability to foster resilience and promote positive energy within their own healthcare organization. This is generally looked at as an 80%-20% split in responsibility, with the bulk of the authority landing on the organization itself.

Resilience can be seen as a metaphorical “battery”, certain actions drain the physician’s ability to remain confident, while other activities foster their ability to maintain a level of positivity.

Draining Your Physicians

Several factors are at play when it comes to diminishing the "battery" of your physician. A variety of
considerations include:

  • Ignoring the concerns of physicians, eroding trust and creating resentment
  • Fear of failure, resulting in added stress and uncertainty

Recharging & Replenishing  

The ability to “recharge” a physician’s "battery" is necessary in ensuring the longevity of positive outcomes and mindsets. Strategic actions for achieving success include:

  • Increasing staffing to produce better work-life balance
  • Implementing advocacy programs to foster engagement and create an inclusive environment

It is important to understand the key to recharging the "battery" is through organizational assistance of physicians in understanding their purpose, recognizing the meaning and joy in serving others in turn, helping keep the emotional and physical costs of burnout at bay.

Download the infographic to learn more insightful dos and don’ts of the effect recharging your physician’s battery has on their well being.

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