LEAP HR: Healthcare Conference 2018 Trends - Talent Acquisition, Multi-Generational Learning & Organizational Culture

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Jim Grimm, MA, LCPC

LEAP HR: Healthcare Conference 2018

Hats off to the planners of the LEAP HR: Healthcare Conference in Chicago earlier this month. The team from Hanson Wade provided an excellent venue, a well-organized and managed schedule of events and one of the most engaging conferences in my 10 years of attending conferences.

Every session I attended at LEAP HR: Healthcare was beneficial because of the personal stories, cutting edge ideas and shared successes in the healthcare industry. Top HR leaders and many C-suite executives from leading organizations across the country discussed how to challenge and get creative with how HR in healthcare is practiced. Some notable themes included:

  • Talent acquisition, nurse shortage
  • Leadership development
  • Major focus on culture
  • Shift to “modern learning” for organizations

Talent Acquisition

Organizations are thinking out of the box to attract and retain top talent. Screening and creative methods with the onboarding process and support in the first year saw the highest retention and “good fit” in terms of hiring. We heard from many attendees about nurse shortages and the impact of strong, reliable nurses on a care team—and on the entire organization.

Use Different Learning Approaches for the Multi-Generational Workforce

As a teacher, I am very interested in adult learning. The challenge we are currently facing is reaching multiple generations in the workplace and appealing to the diverse learning styles. Larry Mohl, founder and CEO of JUBI reports the drop-out rate for online learning is 95% and the behavior adoption is only 10%, while 8% of executives report an overall impact. There is a tremendous opportunity to make a significant change in our adult learning processes. Creating great content is only half of the puzzle. Activating sustained engagement is the key to learning that completes this picture.

ROI of Physician Well Being

I spoke on the ROI of Physician Well Being in the learning track of “Attacking Employee Burnout” and covered the impact of physician burnout, how to measure the ROI of investing in physician well being and how to build physician resilience. 

Contact us to learn more about our preventative Physician Well Being Resources to help support your physicians. 

Dowload ROI Calculator

Thanks to all who took the time to visit the VITAL WorkLife exhibit and for sharing your evolving journey of well being with us.

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