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Posted on October 30, 2016 by VITAL WorkLife

wheel-well-beingIt’s a well-known fact that being a leader in today’s high stress, rapid change environment can be overwhelming. As leaders, modeling behaviors that encourage positive well being in yourselves and your employees is one of the most important and yet most difficult tasks in this challenging setting. In addition to modeling, transformational leaders build trust within their employees that their needs are a top priority. They clearly define the roles and responsibilities for each member of their team and provide the necessary information, tools and direction to create a sense of “meaningfulness” and achievement. Identifying opportunities to think and perform outside of typical day-to-day tasks supports the development of the employee and increases their belief in themselves and their abilities.

Transformational leaders understand an individual employee’s professional successes are not the only measure of well being. By taking a holistic and personalized approach that includes multiple dimensions, you can encourage your team members to evaluate and address issues that might be negatively impacting well being. Taking time to reflect on what is working, as well as areas for growth, can help determine where to focus energy.

VITAL WorkLife Wheel of Well Being

The VITAL WorkLife Wheel of Well Being is a tool used to achieve balance in six dimensions of well being. In addition to using this tool to assess and improve your own well being, we encourage you to use it professionally, to foster healthier, more balanced employees and teams.

Wheel Dimensions

Life can be divided into key dimensions all working together synergistically to create the uniqueness of you. Each area interrelates to the others. When we take a moment to assess our current situation the Wheel of Well Being helps us focus on a specific key dimension.

Professional – Providing services for financial compensation while feeling a sense of career fulfillment coupled with a sense of value for contributing something of worth to the organization and/or society.

Physical – All aspects of your body including your general overall health, your senses, intellect and the type and consistency of the activities in which you partake.

Financial/Legal – Financial: Relating to the management of money, credit and other debt and asset issues. Legal: To understand the law as it pertains to your personal or professional welfare.

Spiritual – Exploration of a life of meaning, purpose, values and beliefs, the role of spirit or soul, and/or a deeper understanding of self and your connections to the larger community.

Emotional – Characterized by a stable mood, ability to experience, manage and express emotions, acceptance of self and others, a positive outlook and freedom from worry.

Relational – Interactions between individuals and groups, including professional relationships in the workplace and personal relationships with family and friends.

Your Wheel of Well Being

To determine your overall balance and well being, rate how well you are doing in each area of your life TODAY by shading each section from the inside of the circle outward. The center has a rating of zero and would indicate the absolute lowest rating. The outer rim has a rating of 10 or the absolute highest possible in that dimension. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine your ratings.

Professional – Is your work satisfying? Are you passionate about your career choice?  Do you derive personal satisfaction and enrichment from your work? Have you achieved your educational aspirations? Are you challenged and motivated in your work and leisure pursuits?  Are you learning new concepts and gaining new skills?

Physical – Are you engaging in regular physical activity? Do you have a physical regimen supportive of general good health? Have you had a physical within the last 2 years?

Financial/Legal – Does the state of your financial life match your desires? Do you feel financially secure? Are you able to successfully live out the lifestyle you desire?

Spiritual – Is your life meaningful and filled with purpose? Are you finding ways to contribute in life to your community or environment that rebuilds or energizes you? Do you operate from your values, morals and beliefs about what is “good?” Do all areas of your life match your values and align with your spiritual compass?

Emotional – Are you able to meet daily life with a positive attitude? Are you hopeful for the future?  Are you aware of your feelings? Are you aware of others’ feelings? Do you fully understand the ways your past may be impacting your life today?

Relational – Do you have solid support through friends and family? Do you have meaningful and fulfilling relationships? Are you contributing to your community? Do you ‘play’ enough? Do you have leisure or ‘down’ time? Do your leisure activities interest and inspire you?  Do you have a social network that engages you?

Now that you’ve rated yourself in each area of the Wheel of Well Being, where do you need to improve? Where do you excel? Understanding why you excel in one dimension of the wheel might help you understand how to give yourself a boost in another. All six parts of the wheel contribute to a whole ‘self’ and understanding and improving all areas of your own Wheel of Well Being will lead to a better sense of well being.

We Can Help

Every dimension of the wheel is essential to your personal overall well being. If you feel one dimension, or several dimensions, are lagging behind or out of balance, we’re here to help. If you have concerns about your Wheel of Well Being, whether it is in your professional or personal life, talking to a counselor as part of your VITAL WorkLife Physician Well Being Resources or Employee Assistance Program can help you develop a plan to get your Wheel of Well Being into balance or set goals to build your own pathway toward well being.

  • Physician Well Being Resources Members: Call VITAL WorkLife at 877.731.3949 or through the VITAL WorkLife App
  • EAP Members: Call VITAL WorkLife at 800.383.1908 or through the VITAl WorkLife App

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