Quiz Download: How Does Your Organization Score on Well Being Culture?

Posted on February 24, 2022 by Mitchell Best, CEO

Updated March 17, 2022


Does your organization have a culture of well being? Many organizations woefully underestimate the importance of having a culture built around the well being of their physicians. At the same time, others have an unrealistic view of how their organization's work culture impacts their staff and organization. Unfortunately, they rarely gain an understanding of the actual organizational landscape until they encounter a situation that exposes just how unprepared they are.

Why Culture Matters

Significant shifts in the healthcare workforce, the integration of new technologies and the growing pressure for optimized care have resulted in burnout among physicians, reaching record highs. As a result, healthcare leaders must understand the climate and culture of their organizations to ensure they have meaningful and effective strategies in place to create a culture of well being. This helps retain their most valuable resource, their physicians.

Where Can I Start?

Some organizations have an excellent foundation for a culture of well being, while others are a long way from being able to say the idea of well being is an integrated part of their organization. Unfortunately, many healthcare leaders lack a realistic understanding of where their organization stands on their well being culture journey and what action they might need to take to better improve.

Download the quiz to see how your organization scores for well being culture and learn more about the actions you can take to improve.

Download Quiz

For more on how your healthcare organization can build on or improve its culture of well being, download our article Ensure a Culture of Well Being with a Physician Well Being Audit to learn more.

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