Infographic: Postvention - Addressing Needs After a Suicide

Posted on September 12, 2023 by Simon Mittal, MD, MMM

Updated November 16, 2023


Tragically death by suicide occurs among physicians in greater numbers than among the general population. This reality is shown through alarming statistics and its prevalence in the healthcare field. How can we best counter this reality and what are the best actions an organization can take?

Addressing Needs 
Understanding what to do when a colleague reveals they are having suicidal thoughts, attempts suicide, or completes the attempt is paramount to respond and recover in a healthcare organization. In addition, having a plan in place for how colleagues and leadership respond, how to re-establish a work culture, and most importantly increase awareness so the risk of suicide decreaseses—hopefully to zero is the ultimate goal. It’s difficult to know where to start and how to move forward, yet there are key steps you can take to help respond in the wake of a tragedy. 

Download the infographic to learn more about how to respond and recover if suicide occurs in your healthcare organization.

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