Infographic: Trauma and Its Ripple Effect: How to Address the Needs of Your Healthcare Workforce

Posted on August 2, 2023 by Susan MacLellan-Tobert, MD, FAAC, ACC

Updated August 2, 2023

Infographic_RippleEffect_3DWhile it’s known practicing medicine brings many rewarding experiences and true fulfillment for physicians, it’s also known to bring many challenges and sometimes traumatic stresses. These stresses can range dramatically from minor coding errors to patient deaths which can cause a “ripple effect” in which traumatized physicians may pass on their anger and or dissociation to colleagues, patients and others close in their lives. 

How Do Traumas Ripple Through an Organization?
Understanding how these traumas can ripple throughout the organization is important to know how to best address them. Read our infographic so learn more and how to best calm the ripples of trauma.

Download the infographic to learn more about the ripple effect of trauma and to address the needs of your healthcare workforce.

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