New Ways WorkLife Concierge was Used During the Pandemic

Posted on February 1, 2021 by Leonard Pesheck, MBA

Home food delivery_smallThis past year took our “normal” and flipped it upside down. Various changes in human behavior occurred; we saw these changes in action through our WorkLife Concierge requests from 2020. A couple prominent examples of these changes being restaurant reservations transitioned to more delivery and takeout requests; travel services and event planning turned to requests for travel reimbursements. Below dives deeper into our findings, providing examples of how clinicians and their families used WorkLife Concierge during the pandemic.

How WorkLife Concierge Can Help During a Pandemic

Here are just a few excellent examples of how WorkLife Concierge was used during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Assistance locating COVID-19 testing sites and services
  • Home disinfecting and cleaning services
  • Grocery and food delivery services
  • Travel/get away advisory service – informing what is required to travel to specific destinations and locations
  • Finding a personal chef to help prepare meals
  • Supporting families balance children in school and working from home
  • Childcare and elder care services
  • In home wellness services, such as massage, yoga lessons, in-home personal training
  • In home school set up – providing creative ways to help keep children engaged by using simple equipment; children tutoring
  • Research for fun classes to take online – such as learning to cook, paint, online master classes
  • Medication delivery services
  • In-home or mobile pet grooming services – includes pet supply delivery and/or pet transportation to appointments

If any of these examples spark something in you, reach out to WorkLife Concierge for assistance!

“I’d like to hire a personal chef who could come to my home on a weekly basis and meal prep food and snacks. Would it be possible to reach out to a few local chefs to see what they might charge for this service and if they’re still operating in the era of COVID? Thank you so much!”

“Looking for a getaway for a little while. Would like to find a place to stay in the Northern California area. Can you help me with a place to stay, things to do and places to go there? Really need a change of pace from care giving and COVID-19.

Top 10 WorkLife Concierge Requests in 2020

In 2020, the number of WorkLife Concierge requests doubled from that of 2019. Additionally, COVID-19 triggered many new types of requests. The tables below show the differences in types of service requests, comparing 2019 to 2020:2020 top 10 service requests worklife concierge

*Note: Sundry requests are requests that don’t fit neatly into their pre-determined categories; this may include requests such as inquiring about weather, driving directions, stock quotes and updates, etc.

We Can Help

As part of your Well Being Resources, you have access to WorkLife Concierge – an all-purpose, virtual assistant offering first-class service to help maximize the limited time of clinicians and their families. To access, call 877.731.3949 or connect through your VITAL WorkLife App.

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