Download the Infographic: How to Recognize and Address Threats to Physician Well-Being

Posted on December 15, 2021 by Mitchell Best, CEO

Updated August 8, 2023


In addition to a robust well-being program, recognizing warning signs of physicians experiencing distress is key to avoid issues for the individual and the organization in the future.

Early Recognition is Crucial

Physicians can experience a wide range of distress, ranging from burnout to moral injury, depression or tragically suicide. Being aware of key warning signs, as well as having a plan to respectfully approach a physician or colleague are ways to help avoid long lasting issues.

Actions to Take

Colleagues, leaders and physicians themselves can be vigilant in watching for warning signs such as an increase in errors, changes in their attitude or a reduction in hours. They can also take action as early as possible to help prevent severe issues in the future.

Download the infographic to see how to recognize and address threats to physician well-being as well as the actions to take to help.

Download Infographic

For more on how healthcare organizations, physicians and colleagues can watch for those in distress and how they can help, download our article Physician Distress: What to Look for and How to Help to learn more.

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