How Sanford Health Supports Clinician Well-being

Posted on May 18, 2023 by VITAL WorkLife

Updated May 18, 2023

Sanford Health, the largest rural healthcare system in the United States, leads by example through enhancing clinician well-being within their organization. As a dedicated advocate for clinician well-being and an unwavering commitment to promoting the health and happiness of their clinicians, we applaud their initiatives to reducing burnout within their organization. 

Not only must clinician well-being be supported in the hospital, but also when they head home. "Sanford Health as an organization wants me to be able to focus on my family, and to have resources to take care of all the things I might not be able to spend the time on," said Jennifer Haggar, MD, pediatrician at Sanford Health. 

"A very random example," Dr. Haggar said, "was when I needed someone to help with fall clean up at my house. I contacted VITAL WorkLife Concierge, a free resource for all Sanford Health clinicians and employees. They gave me a bunch of people and quotes, and I ended up hiring a company they referred me to.

In this article from Sanford Health, the organization promotes its robust well-being initiatives. Read more about it here.

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