Mindfulness Video: How to Reduce Stress with Focused Breathing

Easy Mindfulness Practice for Stressful Situations

How do you handle stress in your daily life? This quick, 90 second mindfulness exercise is great when you need a little help decompressing from a stressful situation at work or home.

Mindfulness-Exercise-Focused-BreathingFollow along as Maureen Dorgan Clemens, MS, LCPC, CADC, CPDC guides you through a mindful breathing exercise, a mindfulness technique to help reduce stress and elicit the relaxation response using focused breathing. This exercise can be used in-the-moment to reduce your stress and regain control of difficult situations.

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  • Mindfulness Video: How to Reduce Stress with Focused Breathing

Maureen Dorgan Clemens, MCP, LCPC, CPBA

Maureen Dorgan Clemens is an Executive Coach, Physician Consultant and member of the Advisory Team for VITAL WorkLife™. She works with physicians, clinical teams and administrative leaders in order to increase effectiveness in the areas of leadership, communication and team work. Maureen is the Vice President of Organizational Consulting Services at Perpectives, Ltd., where she has worked more than 20 years. Maureen has over 28 years of experience working collaboratively and effectively with health care leaders and physicians. She has consulted, trained and coached many physicians, executives, healthcare leaders and supervisors regarding the topics of leadership, effective communication, collaboration, effective team work and conflict resolution. Maureen has helped those she has coached to further develop their strengths in order to navigate the demanding healthcare environment. Maureen is a Certified Physician Development Coach and one of her areas of practice is coaching individuals with disruptive or unprofessional behavior. Her coaching program is designed to help participants increase self-awareness, develop more productive communication skills and identify effective strategies to deal with stress. She provides services to physicians at all levels of the organization including those in leadership positions as well as residents and fellows. Maureen has facilitated and participated in behavioral interventions with physicians and residents and also helped design a Physician Peer Mentor Program based on the Vanderbilt University Medical Center model to train volunteer physician mentors to intervene with colleagues in the early stages of problematic behavior. Maureen Dorgan Clemens holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (MS) and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She has earned a Physician Development Coach Certification from the Physician Coaching Institute. Maureen is also certified to administer and debrief DISC assessments as well as 360 Degree Feedback. She utilizes other tools such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and leadership assessments, is a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and holds a certificate in Human Resources.