Exploration of Your Life and Workplace Disillusionment

Posted on January 11, 2016 by Kay Roberts, MA

Physician ReflectingDisillusionment in the workplace for some is a growing concern. Professional gratification has been lost for some. In healthcare, there are providers who no longer feel the passion to heal, they feel disillusionment. Teachers no longer desire to achieve their dreams of educating the next generation. Executives feel they no longer have the drive to lead. Individuals may even be turned-off by the shortcomings of themselves or of others. This sense of disillusionment may be due to feeling broken by life or disenchanted by the organization they work for.

Spiritual exploration is for anyone who is feeling unconnected in ways they cannot even name. This emptiness, disillusionment or a desire to live more fully, is our opportunity to explore our spiritual nature—an area often overlooked in our harried lifestyles.

"Spirituality is not about religion. Rather it is an acknowledgement of our spiritual essence by exploring our desire for purpose, meaning and an interconnection with others."

When a sense of purpose and meaning escapes us, you can choose to spend time in reflection, you can journal, meditate, take a walk, or you can also ask for help. With support from a coach or counselor who provides spiritual guidance, you can address both your darkest times and adventure into the realm of more luminous awakenings. Such new kinds of conversations can be their own answer for more peaceful living. Many people hunger for deeper conversations to find ways to be known, and to know more about spiritual pathways, in order to experience a new sense of well being.

disillusionmentEach person’s spiritual journey is different, worthy and unique. Elizabeth Lesser, founder of the Omega Institute, talks about spirituality as “a long, slow process--a patient growing into wisdom.” Our spirituality includes finding our emotional intelligence or, as psychologist Daniel Goleman calls it, “wisdom of the heart.” Just like any dimension of our lives, spirituality needs to be nurtured and developed. This is a skill needed to deeply love our lives and to interact well with each other.  Whether you wish for the return of laughter, joy, desire, or happiness, or simply want to regain or explore ways to have more passion, purpose or meaning, your spiritual dimension impacts your daily well being.

Our spiritual nature helps us celebrate the essence of our humanity including our spiritual longing. Spiritual longing is when we feel hungry for something we do not yet understand; a state of being we are not always comfortable with. Perhaps you are ready to forge a new personal path to honor who you are as a spiritual adventurer?

There are resources to positively contribute to your new spiritual pathway. As you discover who you fully are and what you are being called to do, perhaps you too will joyfully wonder just as author E.B. White once pondered,

"I wake up in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."

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