Adults and ADHD: Not Just For Kids Anymore

Posted on December 30, 2012 by VITAL WorkLife

By the time they reach the age of 27, 35% of adults who were diagnosed with ADHD as children have "recovered" or reached the normal range in terms of their ability to maintain concentration and control hyperactivity.

What about the remaining 65%? Research suggests they continue to have far more symptoms of the disorder than the general population. While adults with ADHD are typically able to sit still, they still tend to:

  • Find it harder to get organized
  • Misplace or lose belongings
  • Miss or arrive late for appointments
  • Overlook important details
  • Have multiple traffic citations and car accidents
  • Be aggressive multi-taskers—but have a difficult time completing mundane tasks
  • Have low tolerance for frustration

These symptoms cause problems for adults with ADHD, and often contribute to relationship problems on and off the job.

For many adults, a diagnosis of ADHD can bring a sense of relief. Adults who have had the disorder since childhood, but who have not been diagnosed, may have developed negative feelings about themselves over the years. Receiving a diagnosis allows them to understand the reasons for their problems, and treatment will allow them to deal with their problems more effectively.

Like children with the disorder, adults with ADHD benefit from medication. In addition to medication, as an adult with ADHD you may be treated with a combination of one or more of these strategies:

  • Individual therapy to address self esteem issues
  • Relaxation training and stress management to reduce anxiety
  • Coaching to help you become more organized at work and at home
  • Coaching or mentoring to improve job performance.
  • Counseling and education for family members

We Can Help

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