New VITAL WorkLife Research Highlights 2022 Mental Health Trends Affecting Physician Burnout

Posted on February 23, 2023 by VITAL WorkLife

Physician Peer Coaching Shows 92% are More Likely to Stay in Role/Medicine

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Feb 23, 2022) – VITAL WorkLife, the leading expert in mental health and well-being for healthcare organizations, released a new report highlighting trends and issues in the healthcare industry and including engagement and case data from their healthcare business in 2022. 

In healthcare, burnout is a pervasive and multi-dimensional problem that is often unaddressed and, with 53% of hospitals projected to have had negative margins in 2022, the issues of retention, productivity and patient satisfaction have never been more important. One highlight of the report shows that 92% of physicians who used VITAL WorkLife’s peer coaching resource were more likely to stay in their current role or stay in medicine. These results have a direct and positive impact on the bottom-line issues affecting healthcare organizations. 

This report reveals many of the underlying issues that healthcare professionals face and the need to address the mental health crisis in healthcare with specific resources. The 2022 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends and Insights report provides notable findings including: 

  • Budget constraints affecting healthcare organizations struggling to find solutions  
  • Barriers to seeking support from both the individual and systemic perspective 
  • Details of new state and national legislation aimed to reduce and prevent suicide, burnout and behavioral health issues among healthcare professionals 

“We’ve seen tremendous mental health pressures on healthcare staff and clinical teams prior to and through the COVID-19 pandemic. This report sheds light onto the healthcare industry culture and I hope it will be used to help make positive change,” said Mitch Best, CEO of VITAL WorkLife. 

With over 39,000 physicians, 53,000 nurses and 142,000 healthcare employees supported, VITAL WorkLife is the leader in mental health and well-being in healthcare in the United States. Our passion is to help physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals—and their families—become their best selves. Read the full 2022 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends & Insights report here. 

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