Download the Infographic: 5 Ways to Support Your Advanced Practice Providers

Posted on February 18, 2020 by Liz Ferron, MSW, LICSW

An Evolving Medical Landscape

Advanced practitioners—physicians assistants and advanced practice registered nurses—are changing American healthcare and are experiencing the kind of stress and burnout often found in physicians. This increasingly valued group has witnessed large increases to its workforce, undertaking a 55% increase within the past 10 years alone. VWL-18-001_Inforgraphic_AdvancedPracticeProviders_3D

PAs and APRNs work under similar types of stress physicians experience—growing patient loads, the increasing complexity of conditions in an aging population, institutional productivity requirements, the demands of electronic charting and more. The relationship between these stressors and the danger of burnout has been well documented.

For many practical reasons, it makes sense to pay close attention to the well being of these crucial advanced practitioners—their job satisfaction, their stress levels and whether they are in danger of burnout or resignation.

Supporting APPs

Advanced practitioners are not just filling the gaps in American healthcare—as important as this is—they’re providing a quality of care patients appreciate and institutional culture needs. So how can organizations help keep their APRNs fulfilled and emotionally healthy? It starts at the organizational level. Creating an environment advocating the importance of well being and uplifting those in need of support is crucial to fostering healthy team members and promoting organizational success.

Download the infographic to get a better understanding of how your organization can best support your advanced practice providers. For more on how you can take a proactive approach in ensuring your advanced practitioners are well equipped to fulfill their roles effectively, download our article, "How To Care For Your Advanced Practice Providers."

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