Benefits of a Peer Coach for Physician Stress and Burnout

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Liz Ferron, MSW, LICSW

Updated June 15, 2021

A Physician Peer Coach Understands Unique Needs


Research indicates many physicians are reluctant to ask for help—yet they’re often in desperate need of a compassionate listener, such as a peer coach, who understands the work, personal and family challenges they face. In fact, 88% of surveyed physicians reported moderate to severe stress or burnout and almost half (over 45%) are severely stressed on an average day.

The Negative Impact of Stress and Burnout

These are challenging times in healthcare. Practicing medicine is demanding. Many medical providers are dealing with increased work loads, changing methods of documenting care, greater accountability, decreased patient-facing time and greater patient demands. The result can be greater levels of stress, burnout and anxiety, all potentially having negative impact on patient care, relationships at home and with colleagues, and overall poor feelings of well being. Physicians are regularly feeling discouraged and frustrated, and some have fantasies about leaving medicine all together.

"88% of physicians are moderately to severely stressed or burned out"

Peer Coaches Know What Physicians Are Going Through

The opportunity to talk with a coach who has dealt with or personally solved many of these issues can not only provide a safe place to talk about feelings and concerns, it delivers something more.

Peer coaches have personally experienced and witnessed these challenges and are passionate about helping others like them who are struggling. Peer coaches help providers to find areas where they do have power and control to impact their practices, from care delivery to information management to relationships with patients, team members and administration. Peer coaches also assist with accessing tools for self advocacy, time management, resiliency building, coping with change, strengthening life balance and relationships outside of work.

We Can Help

For more information, read these case studies or these resources on physician stress and burnout. To learn how to build resiliency and have greater overall well being, give us a call at 877.731.3949 or connect through the VITAL WorkLife App to get started with your peer coach.

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