WorkLife Concierge: 25 Things You Don't Have To Do Yourself

Posted on January 21, 2016 by VITAL WorkLife

Life Happens


While physicians are blessed with above average intelligence, competence and endurance, what they lack is time. The demands of your practice and family, your special interests and hobbies mean it’s likely you have less time than you’d like to have a quality work/life balance. A quick call to handle time-consuming, day to day tasks is an easy, guilt-free benefit of your position. WorkLife Assistant (formerly known as Physician concierge) is here to help as a free employment benefit, because your organization believes you deserve a quality work/life balance.

Here’s a list of 25 things you can delegate to your WorkLife Concierge with a single call to make your life easier:

  1. Find your kids a fun, safe summer camp
  2. Score points planning a glamorous surprise anniversary party
  3. Book fun things to do while visiting your in-laws—anywhere in the world
  4. Find a pet sitter to walk your over-active dog
  5. Buy tickets to your alma mater’s next game
  6. Find a vintage baseball card to round out your collection
  7. Purchase Holiday gifts for your staff—and have them wrapped and sent
  8. Have a florist send an “I miss you!” bouquet to your daughter at college
  9. Get help planning a destination wedding
  10. Find a top rated sushi restaurant in San Francisco—and get a reservation
  11. Research the highest rated washer and dryer models
  12. Arrange for tree trimming and spring yard service.
  13. Plan a family reunion
  14. Get tickets to the longest running Broadway show, “The Phantom of the Opera
  15. Find a replacement for your 15-year old dishwasher and clean up the leak’s mess
  16. Find an event planner to manage your child’s high school graduation party
  17. Plan an adventure vacation to Belize for your family
  18. Find a piano teacher for your child prodigy
  19. Research the local tennis pros and book lessons
  20. Find a lawn or snow removal service
  21. Schedule house cleaning services
  22. Arrange to have your car detailed and the oil changed while you’re at work
  23. Find zip line services in Puerto Rico
  24. Research colleges for your high school junior
  25. Order gifts to arrive on all important days for your significant other

See anything you need done?

These are just a few of the things WorkLife Concierge can do to reduce your stress with day-to-day and special occasion tasks. Contact us at 877.731.3949 or through the VITAL WorkLife App to connect to your virtual concierge resource. There’s nothing we’d like more than exceed your expectations and delight your family!

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