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Posted on December 30, 2014 by VITAL WorkLife


As we always do this time of the year, we looked at the results of satisfaction surveys that we send to every client who opts in to receiving a survey after their case is closed. We do two different surveys—one for employees and their families, and another for managers and supervisors who have managerial/supervisory support in our full-service plans.

We're very pleased with the results again this year. In fact, looking back over the past several years, our clients have consistently told us that the services we provide offer real value and help. Responses from employees and their families who used our services last year showed that:

  • 91% felt that VITAL WorkLife was successful in addressing their area(s) of concern.
  • 92% reported that there had been an improvement in their productivity, performance and/or concentration at work.
  • 85% reported that there had been an improvement in their attendance at work.
  • 96% would recommend VITAL WorkLife' services to others.

Managers and supervisor responses showed that:

  • 99% said that VITAL WorkLife was successful in addressing their area of concern.
  • 93% had noticed an improvement in the employee's work-related performance.
  • 95% had noticed an improvement in the employee's attendance.
  • 100% would recommend the use of VITAL WorkLife' services to others.

For employees, the most frequent presenting problems were:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Legal issues
  • Issues with family and children
  • Workplace conflict
  • Marital issues

For managers, we continue to see increased usage for all the kinds of support we provide—managerial consultation, performance-based and chemical dependency referrals, and for the plans that include the benefit, Return to Work Coaching. It's a testament to the value that we provide, and we strongly encourage their usage to address any work-related issue that is causing concern.

We've also seen steady increases over the past few years in utilization of our legal services. The top presenting issues for 2013 were:

  • Divorce
  • Credit, debt and bankruptcy
  • Child custody and support
  • Wills and trusts
  • Real estate

As with previous years, what is notable is the breadth of issues that clients come to us with—and that we can assist with. That's why we encourage you to make sure your employees understand what a valuable resource their VITAL WorkLife EAP is across a wide range of issues and challenges, and encourage them to make use of the assistance we can provide.

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