How to Prevent Identity Theft

Posted on December 30, 2014 by VITAL WorkLife

Fraud and Identity Theft

Identity theft phone lockedThe Federal Trade Commission, in the report it released last month on the fraud and identity theft complaints received through its Consumer Sentinel Network used by law enforcement entities, found that for 2013, 14% of its over 2 million complaints were for identity theft—the largest category reported. This represented almost 300,000 complaints in one year, alone. The previous year saw almost 370,000 complaints, and the trend line over the 12 years reported is clearly increasing.

A Congressional Research Service briefing from January to members of Congress put the number of consumers affected at over 12 million in 2012, including those impacted by data breaches, which appear to be increasing in size and frequency. The recent Target Corporation data theft is just one of many that has made the news.

So, it is likely that several of your employees can be victims of identity theft in any given year. Fortunately, as part of your EAP benefit, you have identity theft services available, and we encourage you to remind your employees that it is available.

The "Legal and Financial Benefits" tab of your member portal provides full details, but the benefit includes up to three 30 minute phone consultations with an identity theft counselor and, through our legal network, if attorney assistance is needed, a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer who specializes in this area, and 25% discounts off hourly rates if additional legal work is needed.

Accessing these benefits is as easy. Contact Us and ask to speak to an identity theft counselor. We'll warm-transfer you to the appropriate resource who can work to schedule an appointment quickly and easily.

Our Legal and Financial web resources also provide valuable information. Once logged into the member portal, just click on the "Legal and Financial Benefits" button, and then the "Identity Theft" tab on the right-page menu. There are articles and resource lists on preventing identity theft—and what to do if one is a victim.

And, our counselors are available 24/7 to talk to those who have been victims of identity theft to help deal with the emotional trauma that can accompany this kind of fraud. Just Contact Us. We can connect you to a counselor directly, or answer any questions you might have regarding the identity theft benefits.

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