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Posted on January 2, 2011 by VITAL WorkLife

Updated March 15, 2021

VITAL WorkLife has a variety of affordable and highly effective workshops and seminars designed to help foster healthy teams. Available either onsite or online, contact VITAL WorkLife for information about pricing and availability.

Understanding Personality Styles

This session explores personality types and assists in making differences between people more understandable and useful in both a career and personal setting. The session is designed to describe strengths of each personality type, effects of preferences in work situations, and preferred methods of communication. Participants will be asked to complete the short version of the online Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory to obtain their personality types. Participants will be challenged to explore how their personality type compares to others in terms of fitting into their environments, completing responsibilities, being a part of a team and contributing to successful outcomes. (1-8 hours)

Understanding Team Dynamics and Roles

This session explores the components and complexities of teams in the workplace. Work groups will be challenged to look at their role on the team and how their skills impact the team process. Participants will be asked to participate in various discussions and activities related to team building and team roles. (1-3 hours)

Getting Unstuck and Looking for Solutions: Creative Problem Solving

This session challenges participants to "step out of their comfort zone" and look at problems from different perspectives. Participants will actively engage in hands-on activities and discussions aimed at stretching their problem-solving skills. (2-3 1/2 hours)

But I'm Not Comfortable with Conflict: Learning to Talk Your Way Through It

This session explores the "whys" and "hows" of conflict avoidance and presents more effective ways of conflict resolution. Various styles for dealing with conflict will be explored in an effort to assist individuals in understanding how their approach impacts their work and personal relationships. Throughout the session, participants will be challenged to assess the effectiveness of their style and consider other approaches to conflict resolution. (1- 4 hours)

Communicating Effectively With Others

This session focuses on the various components of communication. Participants will explore communication styles, pitfalls and strategies in an effort to help them communicate more effectively with others. (1-2 hours)

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