AMGA 2021: Annual Conference

Date: April 20 - 22, 2021

Organizers: American Medical Group Association

Virtual Event


"Since the outbreak of COVID-19, healthcare organizations have made decades worth of changes, accelerating innovations that normally take years to implement. Which will become permanent? How will organizations arise stronger after being pushed to the brink? What cracks in the healthcare system did COVID expose and how do we move forward to fix them? AMGA’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference (AC21) will enable you to hear how leaders are seizing this critical moment to truly transform healthcare." Click here to learn more about the event

We are excited to sponsor this virtual event and attend the learning sessions. We'll hear and learn from various healthcare leaders as they present on the following themes:

  1. Innovations in Healthcare
  2. Patient Care and Experience
  3. Organizational Resiliency 

Are you attending AC21?

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Virtual Event