How Does Authentic Leadership Impact Others?

Leadership. It takes many forms.

One of the key elements of leadership is for our actions to match our words, to “walk the talk.” When our professional narrative is what people truly experience about us, we are modeling authentic leadership. All of us, no matter the role we play (Physician/Provider, CEO/Manager, Administrator/Account Executive, Engineer/Entertainer), has the opportunity to mentor and model the organization’s preferred behaviors.

How do your behaviors as a leader align with your organizations values?  Does your professional narrative align with your personal life. When there is an alignment of words and deeds, work and life, powerful things can happen.


Finding a new vision for our life can come from many places. The ability to model authentic leadership in all parts of our life is one way to understand the impact our actions can have on others. When we consider the impact we have on others, we become aware of the spiritual dimension of our life.

In what ways do you want to expand your vision of what leadership might look like? In what ways are you interested in creating ‘good’ in the world?

If you are wanting to develop your leadership skills, these articles will be helpful:

If you are struggling with any of these issues or struggling to build your leadership skills, you will find it helpful to read Exploration of Your Life and Workplace Disillusionment or Are You Balancing the Dimensions of Your Life?

We Can Help.

Every dimension of the wheel is essential to your personal overall well being. If you feel one dimension, or several dimensions, are lagging behind or out of balance, we’re here to help. If you have concerns about your Wheel of Well Being, whether it be in your professional or personal life, talking to a counselor as part of your VITAL WorkLife benefits can help you develop a plan to get all your dimensions into balance or set goals to build your own pathway toward well being.

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Kay Roberts

Kay Roberts, a consultant with VITAL WorkLife™, is an executive coach and consultant on physician engagement and organizational transformation. As a coach to senior management with medical group practices and large health care systems, Kay guides individual, team, department and organization-wide approaches in deepening collaboration and collegiality. By equipping those in the creation of strong interpersonal work relationships that emphasize positive behaviors and effective communication, her systems approach will help organizations navigate and better cope with change.