Tips for Creating Professional and Relational Balance in Your Life

We all can use tips and suggestion on improving the balance in our lives. Here is a list you can check out to see if these can help you achieve balance for the Professional and Relational dimensions of your life.

Balanced stones


  • Delegate where possible—become comfortable with it
  • Put limits on when and where you can check office e-mail
  • Turn off your cell phone when possible
  • Compliment your boss when he or she helps you balance
  • Recognize our work role is not your only identity
  • Close your office door when necessary
  • Recognize you are a role model for others
  • Embrace your decision to work and look for the positives related to working
  • Accept your style or make an effort to change it
  • Negotiate deadlines when possible with your supervisor
  • Leave your desk for lunch and breaks


  • Delegate tasks at home and commit to holding others accountable for follow-through
  • Adjust your expectations for yourself and others as changes in the family occur
  • Re-evaluate your standards periodically
  • Schedule time with your spouse or partner
  • Support your partner’s stress management activities and request the same from them
  • Limit children’s activities to a reasonable level
  • Simplify where possible
  • Have regular meetings at home to check in
  • Set realistic expectations of yourself and others
  • Identify transition time or a ritual from work to home
  • Seek out hobbies, activities and exercise and commit to them
  • Budget money for “leisure balancing” purposes
  • Be proactive in planning for volunteer activities
  • Practice saying, “No,” and follow through with it
  • Identify unhealthy patterns and make a conscious effort to change

We can help.

VITAL WorkLife is a valuable resource to help you and your family achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If you need additional assistance, please give us a call so we can connect you with a counselor or peer coach who understands and can help you address your areas of concern.

Call 800.383.1908 to learn more or to speak with one of our representatives. We’re available anytime, day or night.

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VITAL WorkLife, Inc.™ is a national behavioral health consulting company providing support to individuals facing life’s challenges, while also assisting organizations in improving workplace productivity. This approach of helping employees and their families, while also guiding organizations, builds healthy, sustainable behaviors. For over 30 years, we have offered industry leading Employee Assistance Programs, specialized support, training and consulting for a wide variety of industries.

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Shawn Friday, MEd, LPC, CEAP

Shawn is a Senior Consultant for VITAL WorkLife. Shawn has an MEd degree in counseling from North Dakota State University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. He has over 12 years of employee assistance experience and an additional 7 years as a counselor in a variety of settings. Shawn has expertise in the areas of anxiety and stress management, couples’ issues and critical incident stress management.